Preparation for employment opportunities

Interview techniques for employment and job research opportunities

Dutch advanced course

Dress for success module

Entrepreneurship skills and resources


Getting started with requirements analysis (bottom up approach):

Evaluating the present skills and identifying viable products and opportunities


Identification of (easy to make and develop) best products (4 sessions):

Cooking lessons on making jam, baking cookies, jewelry, knitted scarves and hand warmers, making pencil boxes, crocheted book marks, etc.


Learning about quality control, process management and time efficiency in production:

A (pool of) trainer(s) give lessons to identify the best product development besides the operational coordinator. Conclusion of the first phase will be done by participating in a group discussion based on the experience and outcomes of the initial phase.

Skills development

The future success of the economic empowerment of this project is highly dependent on choosing the right idea (product or service). This could realistically lead to a sustainable source of revenue for participants.


In this stage the abilities of participants will be connected into making or offering a viable product or service. Participants will also discuss and investigate the market so that they can view their production efforts and ideas through the eyes of potential customers. The chosen product idea should contain some advantage over existing rivals in the market.


Furthermore, a risk analysis to consider the return and challenges needs to be assessed and mitigated.

Distribution channels and sources for sales and marketing need to be identified.

Financial literacy education

Computer skills

Identifying other opportunities for economic and social developments

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